Surface Metrology Quiz #2

How much do you know about surface metrology? This quiz contains five questions on profile parameters and five questions on areal parameters. Help is at hand if you get stuck as all the answers are to be found in the pages of our Surface Metrology Guide

Question 1: Which parameter is best suited for controlling the sealing efficiency of a gasket?

A Rq

B Pz

C Wt


Question 2: Which parameter is the most sensitive to outliers?

A Rq

B Wz

C Rku

D Pa

Question 3: Which of the following parameters can be used to control lubrication efficiency?

A Rv

B Rvk

C Rdc

D Rpk

Question 4: Which of the following filtration conditions are best suited for the calibration of the vertical amplification coefficient on a profilometer?

A Roughness, λc = 0.8 mm

B Roughness, λc = 0.25 mm

C Roughness, λc = 2.5 mm

D Waviness, λc = 0.8 mm

Question 5: Which of the following statements are true?

A It is always mandatory to apply a λs filter

B The λs filter is sometimes forbidden

C The λs filter is not necessary for waviness parameters

D The λs filter can sometimes destroy useful information

Question 6: Which of the following parameters are calculated from an autocorrelation?

A Std

B Sal

C Str

D Sfd

Question 7: Which of the following methods are related to fractal analysis?

A Morphological envelopes

B Length-scale analysis

C Area-scale analysis

D Box method

Question 8: Which of the following parameters are not defined in ISO 25178?

A Sbi

B Sdv

C S3z

D S5v

Question 9: Which of the following parameters are Feature parameters?

A Spc

B Sda

C Std

D Spd

Question 10: Which famous metrologist once spoke about "parameter rash"?

A Professor Tom Thomas

B Professor David Whitehouse

C Professor Ken Stout

D Professor F.A. Firestone

Resources & answers

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