Scientific publications using MountainsMap - 2013 to 2015

This page provides a list of publications from 2013 to 2015. More publications are available on: Publications of 2016 and Publications of 2017


Confocal laser scanning microscopy and area-scale analysis used to quantify enamel surface textural changes from citric acid demineralization and salivary remineralization in vitro
AUSTIN R S, GIUSCA C L, [...], Dental Materials, [MountainsMap]

Toward an uncertainty budget for measuring nanoparticles by AFM
DELVALLEE A, FELTIN N, [...], Metrologia, [MountainsMap]

Evaluation of the height 3D roughness parameters of concrete substrate and the adhesion to epoxy resin
SADOWSKI L, CZARNECKI S, HOLA J, Int J of Adhesion and Adhesives, [MountainsMap]

When colloidal particles become polymer coils
MOURRAN A, WU Y, [...], Langluir, [PicoImage]

Surface characterization of natural and Ca-saturated soil humic-clay composites at the micrometer scale: Effect of Calcium
OUFQIR S, BLOOM P R, [...], J Mater. Environ. Sci. 6:11, 3174-3183, [MountainsMap]

Thermal Annealing on P3HT/PC70BM Solar Cells Incorporated with Au and CuONanoparticales
WANNINAYAKE A, LI S, [...], Int J of Renewable Energy Research, 5:4, [PicoImage]

[PDF] Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Sulfidogenic Environments: The link to Thiosulfate Reduction and Biological Stability of Alternative Fuels
LIANG R, PhD Thesis, Univ of Oklahoma, [MountainsMap]

Experimental investigation of plastic contact between a rough steel surface and a flat sintered carbide surface
ZELASKO W, PAWLUS P, [...], Tribology Int, [Talymap]

[PDF] Impact of GEM foil hole geometry on GEM detector gain
KARADZHINOVA A, NOLVI A, [...], J of Instrumentation, [MountainsMap]

Influence of tool surface on wall sliding of polymer melts
ZITZENBACHER G, BAYER T, HUANG Z, Int J of Materials and Product Tech, [LeicaMap]

A study on the role of wetting parameters on friction in injection moulding
BERGER G R, STEFFEL C, FRIESENBICHLER W, Int J of Materials and Product Tech, [MountainsMap]

Nanotribology of silver and silicon doped carbon coatings
KOLODZIEJCZYK L, SZYMANSKI W, [...], Diamond and Related Materials, 67, 8-15, [MountainsMap]

The effect of Si incorporation on the corrosion resistance of a-C:H:SiOx coatings
BATORY D, JEDRZEJCZAK A, [...], Diamond and Related Materials, 67, 1-7, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] The Quality Model of the AWJ Cutting Process for Aluminum PA4 Alloy
SUTOWSKA M, Arch of Mech Tech and Materials, 35, [Talymap]

Influence of the composition and crystalline phase of electrodeposited CoNi films in the preparation of CoNi oxidized surfaces as electrodes for urea electro-oxidation
VILANA J, GOMEZ E, VALLES E, Applied Surface Science, [LeicaMap]

Effect of Thermal Annealing on the Power Conversion Efficiency of CuO-Bulk Heterojunction P3HT/ PC70BM Solar Cells
WANNINAYAKE A P, GUNASHEKAR P, [...], J of Sustainable Energy Engineering, 3:2, 107-126, [PicoImage]

Microbial adhesion on novel yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (Y-TZP) implant surfaces with nitrogen-doped hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H:N) coatings
SCHIENLE S, AL-AHMAD A, [...], Clinical Oral Investigations, [LeicaMap]

[PDF] Joint Roughness Coefficient and Fractal Dimension Calculation for Rock Profile and Their Empirical Formula
WANG M, CAO P, LI R, EJGE, 20, 12103-12111, [Talymap]

Ultraviolet pulsed laser crystallization of Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3 films on LaNiO3-coated silicon substrates
QUERALTO A, PEREZ DEL PINO A, [...], Ceramics Int, 42:3, 4039-4047, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Investigation of initial wear period of differently coated carbide cutting tools
BARTOSZUK M, GRZESIK W, J of Machine Engineering, [MountainsMap]

The Micro-mechanism Involved and Wollastonite Signature in the Calcareous Precipitates of Marine Isolates
SARAYU K, IYER N R, [...], Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, [PicoImage]

Using UV laser surface treatment to modify the wettability characteristics of polyamide 6,6 and its effects on osteoblast cell activity
SIENIAWSKI J, NADOLNY K, J of Cleaner Production, [Talymap]

[PDF] Using UV laser surface treatment to modify the wettability characteristics of polyamide 6,6 and its effects on osteoblast cell activity
WAUGH D G, LAWRENCE J, ICALEO 2010 Proc, [Talymap]

Multi-Scale Areal Curvature Analysis of Fused Deposit Surfaces, BARTKOWIAK T, LEHNER J T, [...], APSE Spring Topical meeting, [MountainsMap]

Atmospheric Ice Adhesion on Water-Repellent Coatings: Wetting and Surface Topology Effects
YEONG Y H, MILIONIS A, LOTH E, Langmuir, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Geometric registration of areal topography data for comparative surface metrology

A Process-Structure Investigation of Aluminum Oxide and Oxycarbide Thin Films prepared by Direct Liquid Injection CVD of Dimethylaluminum Isopropoxide (DMAI)
BAGGETTO L, CHARVILLAT C, [...], Chemical Vapor Deposition, 21:10-11-12, 343-351, [PicoImage]
AMIN-CHALHOUB E, DUGUET T, [...], Applied Surface Science, 360B, 540-546, [PicoImage]

Decrease of Nano-hardness at Ultra-low Indentation Depths in Copper Single Crystal
KUCHARSKI S, JARZABEK D, [...], Experimental Mechanics, 1-13, [HommelMap]

Multifractal characterization of morphology of human red blood cells membrane skeleton
TALU S, STACH S, [...], J of Microscopy, [MountainsMap]

The characterization and effects of microstructure on the appearance of platelet–polymer composite coatings
SEUBERT C M, NICHOLS M E, [...], J of Materials Science, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Numerical Prediction of Deformation in Laser Welded Sheets made of X5CrNi18-10 Steel, Archive of Metallurgy and Materials, 60, [Talymap]

DNA Damage by Highly Oxidizing Environmental Pollutants
NOWICKA A M, KOWALCZYK A, [...], Chap 12 in Oxidative Stress: Diagnostics, Prevention, and Therapy Volume 2, [PicoImage]

Molecular behavior of the aptamer HJ24 self-assembled on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)
ZHAO X, HUANG Y, YANG C J, MAO B, Chemistry, 58, 1858-1865, [PicoImage]

Experimental studies of the cutting force and surface morphology of explosively clad Ti–steel plates
NIESLONY P, CICHOSZ P, [...], Measurement, 78, 129-137, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Tribological behaviour of DP600 dual phase steel on uni- and bi- directional discontinuos sliding wear
RUIZ ANDRES M, PhD Thesis, Univ Complutense de Madrid, [SensoMap]

The ultra-precision Ud-lap grinding of flat advanced ceramics
FIOCCHI A A, DE ANGELO SANCHEZ L E, [...], J Materials Processing Tech, [Talymap]

Influence of measurement and filtering type on friction predictions between cylinder liner and oil control ring
DIMKOVSKI Z, TOMANIK E, PROFITO F, Tribology Int, [MountainsMap]

Cellulose Nanocrystals—Bioactive Glass Hybrid Coating as Bone Substitutes by Electrophoretic Co-Deposition: In-situ Control of Mineralization of Bioactive Glass and Enhancement of Osteoblastic Performance
CHEN Q, PEREZ GARCIA R, [...], ACS Appl. Metr. Interfaces, [LeicaMap]

Experimental investigation on laser milling of aluminium oxide using a 30 W Q-switched Yb:YAG fiber laser
LEONE C, GENNA S, [...], 76, 127-137, [Talymap]

Detection of plasmin based on specific peptide substrate using acoustic transducer
POTURNAYOVA A, KARPISOVA I, [...], Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, [PicoImage]

[PDF] Mechanical and Surface Characterization of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings onto Polymeric Substrate

[PDF] Operational wear of the neck of spindle coating in cooperation with yarn
PLONKA S, ZABORSKI A, Maintenance and Reliability, 17(4), 496-503, [Talymap]

Characterization of surface topography of a newly developed metrological gloss scale
FLYS O, KÄLLBERG S, [...], Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties, 3(4), [MountainsMap]

Frictional behaviour of polyurethane modified by carbon coatings synthesized in dual frequency plasma
KACZOROWSKI W, BATORY D, [...], Tribology trans, [MountainsMap]

Graphene reinforced UV-curable epoxy resins: Design, manufacture and material performance
BARLETTA M, VESCO S, [...], Progress Organic Coatings, [Talymap]

Surface modifications of stainless steel to minimise contamination in mass spectrometers
ABDA J, DOUCE D, [...], Appl Surface Sci, 357(A), 593-602, [Talymap]

Multifractal characteristics of titanium nitride thin films
TALU S, STACH S, [...], Mat Sci Poland, [MountainsMap]

Friction Force Microscopy Analysis of Self-Adaptive W–S–C Coatings: Nanoscale Friction and Wear
ZEKONYTE J, POLCAR T, Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7(38), 21056-21064, [PicoImage]

Surface adhesion between ceramic injection molding feedstocks and processing tools
HAUSNEROVA B, BLEYAN D, [...], Ceramics Int, [Talymap]

Interfacial Layer Properties of a Polyaromatic Compound and its Role in Stabilizing Water-in-Oil Emulsions
BI J, YANG F, [...], Langmuir 31(38), 10382-10391, [PicoImage]

Quantification of molecular interactions between ApoE, amyloid-beta (Aβ) and laminin: Relevance to accumulation of Aβ in Alzheimer's disease
ZEKONYTE J, SAKAI K, [...], BBA - Molecular basis of disease, [PicoImage]

Grain boundary–slip bands interactions: Impact on the fatigue crack initiation in a polycrystalline forged Ni-based superalloy
LARROUY B, VILLECHAISE P, CORMIER J, BERTEAUX O, Acta Materialia, 99, 325-336, [Talymap]

Non-mulberry silk fibroin grafted PCL nanofibrous scaffold: Promising ECM for bone tissue engineering
BHATTACHARJEE P, NASKAR D, [...], European Polymer J, 71, 490-509, [PicoImage]

[PDF] Does Metal Transfer Differ on Retrieved Ceramic and CoCr Femoral Heads?
FREDETTE A K, MACDONALD D W, [...], Biomed Research Int, [Talymap]

[PDF] Study and analysis of the surface integrity of lead brass and unleaded brass
KRISHNA A V, REDDY V V, Master Thesis, Halmstad, [MountainsMap]

Effects of shear stress on the erosion-corrosion behaviour of X-65 carbon steel: A combined mass-loss and profilometry study
IGE O O, UMORU L E, Tribology Int, 94, 155-164, [MountainsMap]

Effect of Model Variables on in vitro Erosion
MISTRY M, ZHU S, [...], Caries Research, 49(5), [MountainsMap]

Modular and Versatile Spatial Functionalization of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds through Fiber-Initiated Controlled Radical Polymerization
HARRISON R H, STEELE J A M, [...], Adv Functional Materials, 25(36), 5748-5757, [PicoImage]

Texture-based segmentation with Gabor filters, wavelet and pyramid decompositions for extracting individual surface features from areal surface topography maps
SENIN N, LEACH R K, PINI S, BLUNT L A, Meas Sci Tech, 26(9), [MountainsMap]

Extracellular Stiffness Modulates the Expression of Functional Proteins and Growth Factors in Endothelial Cells
SANTOS L, FUHRMANN G, [...], Adv Healthcare Materials, 4(14), 2056-2063, [PicoImage]

Epitaxy of silicon carbide on silicon: Micromorphological analysis of growth surface evolution
SHIKHGASAN R, [...], Superlattices and Microstructures, 86, 395-402, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Computer simulation of pressing a ceramic ball into elastic-plastic material

Macro and meso characteristics evolution on shear behavior of rock joints
KAI-HUI LI, [...], J Central South U, 22(8), 3087-3096, [Talymap]

[PDF] Confocal Microscopy for Process Monitoring and Wide-Area Height Determination of Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests
PIWKO M, ALTHUES H, SCHUMM B, KASKEL S, Coatings, 5, 477-487, [LeicaMap]

The Use of 2D/3D Sensors for Robotic Manipulation for Quality Inspection Tasks
BURSKI B, GARBACZ P, [...], Solid State Phenomena, 237, 77-82, [MountainsMap]

Synthesis of optically active conjugated polymers containing platinum in the main chain: Control of the higher-order structures by substituents and solvents
MIYAGI Y, HIRAO T, SANDA F, J Polymer Sci A: Polymer Chem, 53(21), 2452-2461, [PicoImage]

Assessing the Biological Stability of a Terpene-Based Advanced Biofuel and Its Relationship to the Corrosion of Carbon Steel
LIANG R, HARVEY B G, [...], Energy Fuels, 29(8), 5164-5170, [MountainsMap]

The enrichment of surface passive film on stainless steel during biofilm development in coastal seawater
EASHWAR M, SREEDHAR G, [...], Biofouling: J Bioadhesion and Biofilm Research, 31(6), [PicoImage]

Electrocatalysis by crown-type polyoxometalates multi-substituted by transition metal ions; Comparative study
NASEER R, SANKAR MAL S, [...], Electrochimica Acta, 176, 1248-1255, [PicoImage]

Implementation of a four quadrant optic fibre bundle as a deflection sensor to get rid of heat sources in an AFM head
BOUKELLAL Y, DUCOURTIEUX S, Meas Sci Tech, [MountainsMap]

Fractal Analysis of Surface Topography by the Directional Blanket Covering Method
PODSIADLO P, WOLSKI M, STACHOWIAK G W, Tribology Letter, [MountainsMap]

Stereometric Parameters of the Cu/Fe NPs Thin Films
STACH S, GARCZYK Z, [...], J Phys Chem, 119(31), 17887-17898, [MountainsMap]

Reliability Study of Nanoporous Silicon Oxide Impedance Biosensor for Virus Detection: Influence of Surface Roughness
DAS N, Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE trans 15(3), 402-409, [PicoImage]

Silver-doped nanocomposite carbon coatings (Ag-DLC) for biomedical applications – Physiochemical and biological evaluation
BOCIAGA D, KOMOROWSKI P, [...], Applied Surface Science, [MountainsMap]

Study on Microbial Deposition and Contamination onto Six Surfaces Commonly Used in Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories
TAMBURINI E, DONEGA V, [...], Int J Environ. Res. Public Health, 12(7), [Talymap]

Morphology of Co–Cr–Mo dental alloy surfaces polished by three different mechanical procedures
TALU S, STACH S, [...], Microscopy Research Technique, 78(9), 831-839, [MountainsMap]

Self-Assembly of Tyrosine into Controlled Supramolecular Nanostructures
MENARD-MOYON C, VENKATESH V, [...], Chemistry: a European J, 21(33), 11681-11686, [PicoImage]

[PDF] Mechanical and wetting properties of nanosilica/epoxy-coated stainless steel

Corrosion protection of brasses and zinc in simulated urban rain. Part II. The combination of inhibitors benzotriazole and 2-mercaptobenzimidazole with stearic acid
ZERJAV G, MILOSEV I, Materials and Corrosion, [Talymap]

[PDF] Internal conic surface grinding process analysis in Euro5 diesel nozzles
MEIRA BIHLA V, DE CAMARGO BELTRAO P A, [...], Int Ass Managt Tech, [Talymap]

Useful surface parameters for biomaterial discrimination

Definition of fine cutting features for laser fusion cutting of stainless steel

Stereometric Parameters of the Cu/Fe NPs Thin Films
STACH S, GARCZYK Z, [...], J of Phys. Chem., 119(31), 17887-17898, [MountainsMap]

Direct comparison of AFM and SEM measurements on the same set of nanoparticles
DELAVALLEE A, FELTIN N, DUCOURTIEUX S, [...], Measurement Sci. Tech., 26(8), [MountainsMap]

[PDF] A Phytochemical Approach to Synthesize Silver Nanoparticles for Non-Toxic Biomedical Application and Study on their Antibacterial Efficacy
BANERJEE P, NATH D, Nanoscience & Tech., [PicoImage]

Corrosion protection of brasses and zinc in simulated urban rain. Part I: Individual inhibitors benzotriazole, 2-mercaptobenzimidazole and stearic acid
ZERJAV G, MILOSEV I, Materials and Corrosion, [Talymap]

Tribological performance of Graphene/Carbon nanotube hybrid reinforced Al2O3 composites
YAZDANI B, XU F, AHMAD I, [...], Nature, Scientific reports 5, [Talymap]

Multi-scale roughness measurement of cementitious materials using different optical profilers and window resizing analysis
MONTGOMERY P, SALZENSTEIN F, [...], Proc SPIE, Opt Meas Sys for Indus Inspection, [MountainsMap]

Deposition and Analysis of Graphene Thin Films
SKIPPINS A, PhD Thesis, Swansea U, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Comparison of Microwear on Rodent Molars from Differing Species and a Wide Range of Environments
JOINER M, Honor Thesis, U Arkansas, [SensoMap]

Plasmonic Light Trapping in Thin-Film Solar Cells: Impact of Modeling on Performance Prediction
MICCO A, PISCO M, [...], Materials, 8, 3648-3670, [PicoImage]

Analysis of service properties of cylindrically ground surfaces, using standard ISO 25178-2:2012 surface texture parameters
BULAHA N, Proc 10th Int Sci and Practical conference, 1, 16-21, [Talymap]

Physical Modeling of the Steel Sheet Topography in Skin Pass Rolling and Its Influence on Susceptibility of Sheets to Deep Drawing
BURDEK M, Steel research int, [TalyMap]

Interaction Between Selected MoS2 Nanoparticles and ZDDP Tribofilms
TOMALA A, VENGUDUSAMY B, [...], Tribology letters, [LeicaMap]

Scratch- and wear-resistant photoluminescent silicone epoxy coatings on floor tiles
BARLETTA M, PUOPOLO M, TAGLIAFERRI V, VESCO S, J of coatings tech and Research, [Talymap]

Comparison of leaf surface roughness analysis methods by sensitivity to noise analysis
BEDIAF H, SABRE R, JOURNAUX L, COINTAULT F, Biosystems Eng, 136, 77-86, [MountainsMap]

The metrology of ground concrete surfaces morphology with 3D laser scanner
SADOWSKI L, MATHIA T G, Management and Prod Eng Review, 6(2), 40-44, [MountainsMap]

Modelling of the hardening and finishing stages of grind-hardened workpieces
ORTEGA N, ALONSO U, [...], Int J of Adv Manuf Tech, [LeicaMap]

Comparative Study of As-Deposited ZnO Thin Films by Thermal Evaporation, Pulsed Laser Deposition and RF Sputtering Methods for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications
VYAS S, SINGH S, CHAKRABARTI P, J of Electronic Materials, [PicoImage]

Wastewater treatment enhancement by applying a lipopeptide biosurfactant to a lignocellulosic biocomposite
PEREZ-AMENEIRO M, VECINO X, [...], Carbohydrate Polymers, 131, 186-196, [LeicaMap]

Nanostructured V2O5 thin films deposited at low sputtering power
RAJ P D, GUPTA S, SRIDHARAN M, Materials Sci in Semiconductor Proc, 39, 426-432, [PicoImage]

Solid-state additive manufacturing for metallized optical fiber integration
MONAGHAN T, CAPEL A J, [...], Composites A: Applied Sci and Manuf, 76, 181-193, [Talymap]

Alumina thin films prepared by direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition of dimethylaluminum isopropoxide: a process-structure investigation
BAGGETTO L, ESVAN J, [...], Current topics in solid state physics, [PicoImage]

Surface Metrology and the National Science Foundation
Bachelor report, WPI, [MountainsMap]

The first X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy surface analysis of 4-methyl-2-phenyl-imidazole adsorbed on copper
FINSGAR M, Analytical methods, 7, 6496-6503, [Talymap]

Protection of copper against corrosion in simulated urban rain by the combined action of benzotriazole, 2-mercaptobenzimidazole and stearic acid
ZERJAV G, MILOSEV I, Corrosion Sci, 98, 180-191, [Talymap]

Improvement of thermally sprayed WC–Co/NiCr coatings by surface laser processing
GISARIO A, PUOPOLO M, VENETTACCI S, VENIALI F, Int J of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 52, 123-130, [Talymap]

High-Precision Finishing Hard Steel Surfaces Using Cutting, Abrasive and Burnishing Operations
GRZESIK W, RECH J, ZAK K, Procedia Manuf, XXX, 1-9, [MountainsMap]

Does it have to be carbon? Metal anodes in microbial fuel cells and related bioelectrochemical systems
BAUDLER A, SCHMIDT I, [...], Royal Soc Chem, [LeicaMap]

Development of low-cost material measures for calibration of the metrological characteristics of areal surface texture instruments
LEACH R, GIUSCA C, [...], CIRP Annals, Manuf Tech, 64, 545-548, [MountainsMap]

The roles of mercapto, benzene and methyl groups in the corrosion inhibition of imidazoles on copper: I. Experimental characterization
MILOSEV I, KOVACEVIC, KOVAC J, KODALJ A, Corrosion Sci, 98, 107-118, [Talymap]

Coating of glass and polycarbonate with aqueous (2K-PUR) two-component polyurethane resin

Process-structure-properties relationship in direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition of amorphous alumina from aluminum tri-isopropoxide
ETCHEPARE P L, BAGGETTO L, [...], Current topics in solid state physics, [PicoImage]

Effect of precursors on the microstructural, optical, electrical and electrochromic properties of WO3 nanocrystalline thin films
MUKHERJEE R, SAHAY P P, J of Materials Sci: Mat in Electronics, 26(8), 6293-6305, [PicoImage]

Prediction of the Evolution of the Surface Roughness in Dependence of the Lubrication System for Cold Forming Processes
GROCHE P, KRAMER P, [...], Tribology letters, [MountainsMap]

Low operating voltage n-channel organic field effect transistors using lithium fluoride/PMMA bilayer gate dielectric
KUMAR S, DHAR A, Materials Research Bulletin, 70, 590-694, [PicoImage]

Fracture toughness testing: A discriminatory mechanical testing performance indicator for glass-ionomer restoratives?
SHAHZAD M, LLOYD C H, FLEMING G JP, Dental Materials, 31(8), 877-886, [Talymap]

Exploring the mechanical strength of additively manufactured metal structures with embedded electrical materials
MONAGHAN T, MASURTSHAK S, [...], Materials Sci and Eng A, [Talymap]

Novel SU-8/Ionic Liquid Composite for Tribological Coatings and MEMS
BATOOLI L, GUADALUPE MALDONADO S, [...], Micromachines 6(5), 611-621, [MountainsMap]

Multifractal Spectra of Atomic Force Microscope Images of Cu/Fe Nanoparticles Based Films Thickness
TALU S, STACH S, [...], J of Electroanalytical Chemistry, [MountainsMap]

Evaluation of AlTiCrN Coatings Surface after Tribological Tests
BREZINOVA J, JAKUBECZYOVA D, LANDOVA M, Material Science Forum, 818, 49-52, [SensoMap]

Investigations of MIM diaodes for RF applications
KHAN A A, Master's Thesis, [PicoImage]

Electrochemical Method Assisted Immobilization and Orientation of Myoglobin into Biomimetic Brij 56 Film and Its Direct Electrochemistry Study
XU Q, SHEN Y, [...], Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7(21), 11286-11293, [PicoImage]

In vitro study on the response of RAW264.7 and MS-5 fibroblast cells on laser-induced periodic surface structures for stainless steel alloys
MCDANIEL C, GLADKOVSKAYA O, [...], RSC Advances, [PicoImage]

Probing the potential of apigenin liposomes in enhancing bacterial membrane perturbation and integrity loss
BANERJEE K, BANERJEE S, DAS, S, MANDAL M, J of Colloid and Interface Sci., 453, 48-59, [PicoImage]

Numerical study of surface roughening in blow-formed aluminum bottle with crystal plasticity
SHI Y, WU P D, LLOYD D J, EMBURY D, Materials Sci. and Eng. A, 638, 97-105, [MountainsMap]

Radiation–chemical modification of PTFE in the presence of graphite
BARYLSKI A, MASZYBROCKA J, [...], J of Applied Polymer, 132, 31, [Talymap]

[PDF] The analysis of high-speed wire drawing process of high carbon steel wires under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions
SULIGA M, Arch. Metallurgy and Materials, [Talymap]

[PDF] Properties of diamond-like carbon coatings deposited on CoCrMo alloys
MADEJ M, OZIMINA D, [...], Trans. Famena, [Talymap]

Roughness and wettability of surfaces in boundary lubricated scuffing wear
WOJCIECHOWSKI L, KUBIAK K J, MATHIA T G, Tribology Int, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Characteristics of surface topography after rolling burnishing of EM AW-ALCU4MGSI(A) aluminium alloy
KALISZ J, ZAK K, GRZESIK W, CZECHOWSKI K, J of Mach Eng, 15(1), [MountainsMap]

Diels–Alder functionalized carbon nanotubes for bone tissue engineering: in vitro/in vivo biocompatibility and biodegradability
Mata D, AMARAL M, [...], Nanoscale, 20, [MountainsMap]

Influence of argon pollution on the weld surface morphology
KROLCZYK G M, NIESLONY P, [...], Measurement, [MountainsMap]

Processability of PEEK, a new polymer for High Temperature Laser Sintering (HT-LS)
BERRETTA S, EVANS K E, GHITA O, European Polymer J, [Talymap]

Bacterial cellulose nanocrystals: impact of the sulfate content on the interaction with xyloglucan
PIRICH C L, ALVES DE FREITAS R, [...], Cellulose, 22(3), 1773-1787, [PicoImage]

High performance composite coatings on plastics: UV-curable cycloaliphatic epoxy resins reinforced by graphene or graphene derivatives
BARLETTA M, VESCO S, PUOPOLO M, TAGLIAFERRI V, Surface and Coating Tech, 272, 322-336, [Talymap]

[PDF] Some Results of Pin on Disc Tribological Evaluation of 316LN Stainless Steel
SINGH S, BORAH U, Aspects of Mech Eng and Tech for Industry, {Talymap]

Topographic Characterization of Cu–Ni NPs @ a-C:H Films by AFM and Multifractal Analysis
TALU S, STACH S, [...], J of Physical Chemistry, [MountainsMap]

Effects of sandblasting before orthophosphoric acid etching on lingual enamel: In-vitro roughness assessment
ROBLES-RUIZ J J, ARANA-CHAVEZ V E, [...], American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 147(4), [LeicaMap]

An experimental study on the surface mechanisms formation during the laser milling of PMMA
GENNA S, LEONE C, LOPRESTO V, TAGLIAFERRI V, Polymer Composites, 36(6), [Talymap]

Surface Roughness Model and Parametric Welding Optimization in Friction Stir Welded AA2017 Using Taguchi Method and Response Surface Methodology
BOULAHEM K, BEN SALEM S, BESSROUR J, Design and Modeling of Mech Systems, [MountainsMap]

Effect of microstructure characteristics on tetracalcium phosphate–nanomonetite cement in vitro cytotoxicity
MEDVECKY L, GIRETOVA M, [...], Biomedical Materials, 10(2), [SensoMap]

Methods of the Mold Sands Quality Assessment
DANKO R, Microstructure and Prop of Ductile Iron, 43-57, [Talymap]

[PDF] Surface morphology of titanium nitride thin films synthesized by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
TALU S, STACH S, [...], Materials Science Poland, 33(1), 137-143, [MountainsMap]

A study of variations of areal parameters on machined surfaces
PAWLUS P, GRABON W, REIZER R, GORKA S, Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties, 3, [Talymap]

The effects of cleaning on surface roughness: evaluating sample preparation using use-wear quantification
MACDONALD D, EVANS Ain International Conference on Use-Wear Analysis, [MountainsMap]

se-wear characterization through confocal laser microscopy: the case of wild vs domestic cereal harvesting polish
IBANEZ J J, GONZALEZ-URQUIJO J E, GIBAJA J, in International Conference on Use-Wear Analysis, [SensoMap]

WB2 to WB3 phase change during reactive spark plasma sintering and pulsed laser ablation/deposition processes
MOSCICKI T, RADZIEJEWSKA J, [...], Ceramics international, [Talymap]

Effect of hydrofluoric acid concentration and etching duration on select surface roughness parameters for zirconia
SMIELAK B, KLIMEK L, J of Prosthetic Dentistry, [MountainsMap]

Usefulness of 3D surface roughness parameters for nondestructive evaluation of pull-off adhesion of concrete layers
HOLA J, SADOWSKI L, REINER J, STACH S, Construction and building materials, 84, 111-120, [MountainsMap]

The effect of the pH on the composition and properties of Co-W alloys manufactured from gluconate electrolyte
BOBANOVA Z, PETRENKO V, [...], Surface Eng Applied Electrochemistry, 51(1), 25-37, [MountainsMap]

[PDF] Retrofitting of solar glasses by a coating process with a highly transparent, chemical resistant and anti-soiling film

The corrosion resistance of 2205 duplex steel in non-inhibited methanesulphonic acid at elevated temperature
FINSGAR M, JACKSON J, Materials and Corrosion, [Talymap]

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